Degrees Offered: M.Sc. (Engg), Ph.D.

Research Areas

The Centre was established in 1982 as an advanced Centre for research and training in atmospheric and ocean dynamics. The research conducted at the Centre has provided new understanding of the variability and predictability of the monsoon, the impact of climate on agriculture and the nature of atmospheric boundary layer. The major areas of research are numerical modelling of monsoon dynamics, numerical simulation of upper ocean dynamics, coupled ocean-atmospheric models, rainfall variability and its impact on agriculture, laboratory modelling of atmospheric convection, theoretical and experimental studies of the atmospheric boundary layer, remote sensing and satellite meteorology.

Computer Skills

With its major emphasis being on numerical medelling and simulation, the students at the Centre are given rigorous training in computational and numerical techniques. The Centre is the largest user of the computing facilities at the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre. Students are well versed with FORTRAN and C languages. The students are exposed to data visualization and intepretation techniques using tools like Matlab, Ferret, GrADS etc. on IBM RS600, INDIGO and SUN SOLARIS Workstations. High Performance Computers like ONYX, POWER CHALLENGER and SUN ULTRA SPARC are exhaustively used in running large General Circulation Models, Parallel computing environment on IBM SP2 is also made use of in running some General Circulation Models.


  • General Circulation and Climate

  • Physical Meteorology

  • Tropical Air-Sea Interactions

  • Numerical Methods in Geophysical Fluid Flows

  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

  • Tropical Dynamics and Convection

  • Climate Modelling

  • Satellite Meteorology

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