Degrees Offered: Ph.D., Integrated Ph.D.

Research Areas

Biochemistry: Eukoryotic transcription and gene expression, Genetic recombination, telemore biology, genome instability, DNA mismatch repair, Chromatin biology, Protein-DNA interactions, Trna genes, DNA based vaccines; Fungal biochemistry; Plant molecular biology, Biosynthesis of lipids in plants; Molecular immunology, Immunology of allergies, viral immunology, Virology; Regulation of endocrine function, harmone-receptor Interactions, Cellular signalling, Research in contraception; Cell biology, Proteosomes, chaperones, cellular stress response, Spermatogenesis.

Ecological Sciences: The assessement and conservation of biological diversity; Understanding the evolution of cooperation and conflict in animal societies; Monitoring the population dynamics of wild plant and animal species, Assessing the impact of climate change in the past and in the future; Feasibility of sustainable ecologically friendly development options.

Microbiology and Cell Biology: Silk worm Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: Sex determination and associated phenomena in man, fruitfly and many bug; Genetic transformation of commercially important plants, Edible vaccines; Molecular genetic analysis of flower development; Studies on initiation of protein synthesis and DNA repair using E.Coli and Mycobacteria as model systems; Molecular characterization of Apoptosis in cells grown in vitro; Transcriptional regulation in stress response; Molecualr Biology and Immunology of M. tuberculosis, Japanese Encephalitis virus and Morbilliviruses; Human Retaviruses, Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression; Enzymology of DNA supercoiling and regulation of gene expression; Molecular mechanisms of cell growth and division; Drug induced apoptosis, Immunological Memory.

Molecular Biophysics: Conformation of cyclic peptided and conformational analysis of protein structure; X-ray crystallography of proteins and other biologically important molecules; Stucture and confirmation of biological molecules using spectroscopic techiniques; Membrane biophysics and biology; Peptides-chemistry, structure and biology, Protein engineering; Protein chemistry, Lectin-carbohydrate interaction and cell-surfaces; Macromolecular crystallography; Membrane protein modelling and protien-ligand interactions; DNA structure-function studies, genome analysis; Conformation of nucleic acids and computer modelling of DNA-protein interactions; Cellular biophysics and electrophysiology, Ion channels in cells; Protein folding and dynamics.

Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics: Mechanism of Genomic imprinting; Structure-function relationship of glycoprotein hormones and their receptors; Regulation of eukaryotic gene expression, role of growth factors in development and reproduction; Use of monoclonal antibodies for structural studies of protein antigens; Postnatal differentiation of testis in primates, processes involved in gene expression during spermatogenesis; Developmental biology and pattern formation; Mammalian gamete and embryo biology; Cellular signal transduction; Regulation of gene expression in bacteria, molecular mechanisms of gene silencing and activation.


Biochemistry: Proteins and Enzymes, Cell Biology, Biological Chemistry, Practical course in Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Perspectives in Immunology, Plant Molecular Biology.  

Ecological Sciences: Population Theory, Field course in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Human Ecology, Behaviour and Sociobiology, Conservation Biology.  

Microbiology and Cell Biology: Microbiology, Virology, The RNA Transactions, Molecular Biology, Principles of Genetic Engineering, Molecular Genetics, Advances in Molecular Biology, Biological Electron Microscopy, Advances in Immunology.  

Molecular Biophysics: Introduction to Biophysical Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy and Structure, Introduction to X-ray Crystallography, Basics and Methodology of Conformational Analysis with Special Reference to Peptided and Proteins, Membrane Biophysics and Cellular Physiology, Protein Structure, Folding and Design, Protein Crystallography, DNA structure, Expression and Genome Organisation.  

Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics: Genetics, Gene Expression and Development, Concepts in Endocrinology and Reproduction, Principles of Signal Transduction in Biological Systems, Molecular Endocrinology.  

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