Degrees Offered: Ph.D., Integrated Ph.D. and M.Sc. (Engg)

Research Areas

Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry: Molecular Structure and Chemical Bonding; Laser Spectroscopy; Solid State Chemistry Electrochemistry; Chemistry of Nonmetals; Organomettallic Chemistry; Bioinorganic Chemistry; Polymer Chemistry; Combustion Chemistry.

Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit : Synthesis of New Materials; Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Oxides, Chalcogenides and related materials; Amorphous Solids; Solid Ionic; Material and Solid State Electrochemistry; Oxide Catalysis; Electron States in Molecules, Solids and Surfaces, High Temperature Superconductivity; Metal-insulator Transitions; phase transitions in Solids; Theoretical Solid state Chemistry of strongly correlated systems; X-ray Crystallography; Molecular Relaxation Phenomena; Reaction Dynamics; Statistical Mechanics and Monte Carlo Simulation.

Material Research Center: Synthesis and characterization of Materials, Ceramic Sensors; Optoelectronic Materials, Thin Solid Films, Diamond Coatings, Ceramic Composites, Amorphous and Metastable Materials, Theoritical studies of Defect Physics, Dislocation Dynamics, Instabilities of Plastic Flow.

Department of Organic Chemistry: Synthetic Organic Chemistry; physical Organic Chemistry; Structural Organic Chemistry; Bio-organic Chemistry; Theoritical Organic Chemistry.


The Department offers courses on the current areas of research as well as on the basic subjects.

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