The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) was founded in 1909 by a visionary industrialist, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, “ .. to provide for advanced instruction and to conduct original investigations in all branches of knowledge”. True to his vision, IISc has become internationally renowned as a premier institution of higher learning and advanced research in science and technology.

But in order to ensure that the Institute did not become a mere ivory tower, J.N.Tata also envisaged that the Institute should work “.. in particular, in such branches of knowledge as are likely to promote the material and industrial welfare of INDIA”. In order to fulfill these objectives of its founder, the Institute takes up consultancy projects for industry and other organizations through its Centre for Scientific and Industrial Consultancy (CSIC).

The CSIC is a bridge between academia and industry providing solutions to industry’s problems and ensuring at the same time that the Institute’s work remains relevant to national needs at all times. The CSIC helps to counter the criticism often voiced against both scientists and industry in the country:

that not enough research innovations of scientists find their way to industrial applications, and
that industry is reluctant to sponsor indigenously developed technology, preferring to foster an import culture to the detriment of indigenous efforts.

By nurturing a fruitful relationship between scientists and industry, the goal of CSIC is to promote indigenous technology and contribute towards making the nation self-reliant in its technological needs.

The IISc has been interacting informally with industry since its inception through individual contacts. This interaction was given institutional backing with the establishment in 1975 of the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Consultancy (CSIC). The role of CSIC is to strengthen, promote and streamline the interaction between academia and industry. The CSIC is now a meeting place for scientists and members of industry. It helps scientists to stay “tuned” to the needs of industry while it enables industry to gain access to the expertise and facilities available at the Institute.

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