Degrees Offered: M.E., M.Sc., (Engg), Ph.D.

Research Areas

Power Systems:Analysis, modeling and control of Power Systems, Power System, protection, Development of Advanced Power System Stabilizers, Loss reduction in Distribution Automation, Studies on Stability of Power Systems - Voltage Stability.

Power Electronics: Digital Signal Processor based control of Industrial and Traction Drives, Control Strategies for Wind Power Generation Switched mode Power Converters; Design of Compact Power Supplies; Magnetic Design, HV HF Power Supplies, Modeling, Analysis, Design, Simulation and Experimental Studies on Flexible AC Transmission Systems, Power Quality.

Systems Science: Artificial intelligence; Neural Networks; Pattern Recognition, Machine learning, Fuzzy Systems, Parallel Processing, Computer Architecture, Modelling, Performance, Analysis and Design of Wireless System

Image and Signal Processing: Multimedia, Computer Vision; Digital Signal Processing; Digital Signal Compression; Biomedical Signal Processing, Computer Aided Tomographic Imaging.

High Voltage Engineering: Breakdown Phenomena in Insulating media, Nano Dielectrics, Transient Voltages in Power Systems, EHV / UHV Power Transmission, Electro-magnetics, Electrical Discharge Applications, Lightning Protection, Pulsed Power Engineering, Gas Insulated Substations, Electro-magnetic Compatibility.

Computer Skills

Languages : C / C++, Fortran, Java

GUI : Visual C++, Visual J++, Visualage Java, Visual Basic, X-Windows

Others : Matlab, Pspice, Client / Server, CORBA, HTML, VRML

OS / Platforms : POWER PC with AIX, SGI {indy, indigo, O-2, with {RIX}, SUN-Ultra SPARC {Solaris-2}, CD {RIX}, UNIX, LINUX, WIN-NT, WIN98.


  • Dynamics of Linear Systems
  • Linear & Non-linear Optimization
  • Neural Networks
  • Advanced Computer Aided Power System Analysis
  • Computer Control of Power Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Distributed Computing
  • Database Management System
  • Software Engineering
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Microcomputers for Real Time Applications
  • Power System Dynamics and Control
  • Electric Drives
  • Computer Graphics
  • Stochastic Models and Applications
  • Computer Architecture
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Multimedia Information System
  • Modern Techniques in High Voltage Instruments
  • Generation and Measurement of High Voltages
  • High Voltage Laboratory
  • HV Power Transformers, HV Circuit Breakers
  • Overvoltages in Power Systems
  • Insulation Engineering
  • Pulsed Power Engineering
  • HV Testing Techniques
  • EHV Power Transmission
  • Electric field computations for High Voltage Engineering
  • Physics of Dielectrics
  • Stochastic Process in Electrical Insulation
  • Electromagnetism
  • Project

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