Degrees Offered: M.E., M.Sc. (Engg) and Ph.D.

Research Areas

Mechanical Systems and Design:Compliant mechanisms, MEMS, Vibrations, Impact, Condition Monitoring, Robotics, Multibody Mechanical Systems, Rapid Prototyping, CAD, Geometric & Topological Modeling, Ergonomic Design, Finite Element Methods, Structural Optimization, Nonlinear and Dynamic Fracture Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics.

Materials and Manufacturing:Tribology, Nano Tribology, Wear Mechanisms, Boundary Lubrication, Nano-scale Material Properties, Contact Mechanics.

Thermal Science and Fluid Mechanics:Heat transfer in Manufacturing, Computational Heat & Mass Transfer, HVAC & Refrigeration, Solar Energy, Turbomachinery, Microfluidics, Separated flows, Transition and Turbulence in Fluid Flows, Unsteady flows, Cavitation, Two-Phase Flows.

Technical Acoustics and I.C. Engines:Technical Acoustics, Industrial Noise Control, Wave Propagation, Active Noise/Vib Control, Computational Fluid Dynamics & Combustion, I.C. Engine Processes, Laser Diagnostics.

Computer Skills

Packages: Matlab, NISA, Mathematica, GL, OGL, Fluent, Ansys, NASTRAN, SYSNOISE,Comsol, Abaqus, Labview

Languages : C, C++, Java

Others :Visual C++, Visual Basic, X-Windows, HTML

OS/Platforms:Power PC with AIX, Silicon Graphics, SUN-Ultra SPARC [Solaris-2] CD[RIX], UNIX, LINUX, Win-NT and Win-95


  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Convective Heat Transfer
  • Computational Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow
  • Thermo-Fluid Dynamics of I C Engines
  • Vibrations of Linear Systems
  • Radiative Heat Transfer
  • Two-phase Flows & Boiling Heat Transfer
  • Principles of Solar Thermal Engineering
  • Fluid Turbulence
  • Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems
  • Vibrations of Linear Systems
  • Dynamics of Machinery
  • Dynamics & Control of Mechanical Systems
  • Nonlinear Oscillations
  • Experimental Engineering
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Nonlinear Finite Element Methods
  • Structural Optimization
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Modeling of Microelectro mechanical Systems
  • Robotics
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Geometric Modeling for CAD
  • Materials and Structure Property Correlations
  • Principles of Tribology
  • Fundamentals of Acoustics
  • Industrial Noise Control
  • Structural Acoustics
  • Acoustics of Ducts & Mufflers

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