Degree Offered: Ph.D. and Integrated Ph.D.

Research Areas

Astronomy and Astrophysics :Therotical studies of interacting and starbust galaxies, galactic dynamics, solar magentic fields and dynamo theory.

Condensed matter Physics:
Experimental and theoretical studies on : [a] High temperature superconductors, rf and microwave response, tunneling; [b] Strongly correlated electronic systems: mixed valent and heavy fermion systems and oxides; [c] Disordered systems: Anderson localization and metal insulator transitions, colossal magnetoresistance, glasses and spin glasses; [d] Quantum transport: conductance fluctuations in disordered systems, mesoscopic systems and tunneling; [e] Soft condensed matter: statistical mechanics and rhelogy of cooloids, polymeric fluids, gets, micronulsions, membranes and liquid crystals; [f] Low-dimensional systems: conducting polymers, highly conducting amorphous carbon films phenomena and applications, irradiated polymers; [g] Semi-conductors and devices based on silicon; III-V and II-VI compound semiconductors, hetero-structures and quantum wells, MOS structures, micromachined devices; [h] Critical phenomena and reentrant phases in fluid mixtures: growth, second harmonic generation, optical damage; [j] Ferroelectricity and ferroelasticity: domain structure and switching; [k] Magnetic resonance, relaxation phenomena and diffusion studies; fast ionic conduction; [L] Thermal studies and solids and low temperatures; [m] Integrable systems, exactly solvable models in many-body problems, aquantum spin systems.

Complex and Nonquailibrium Systems and Biology-Inspired Physics: Theoretical and numerical studies of neural networks and optimization problems, cellular automata and models that exhibit self-organised criticality, spatio-temporal chaos, fluid and MHD turbulence.

Bimolecular Structure and Biophysics: Structure and Biophysics: Structure studies of biomolecules using x-rays, molecular modelling and NMR, peptide and protein crystallography, complexation studies and drug-nucleic acid interactions, database analysis and genomics.

Atomic and Optical Physics: Nonlinear optics, high pressure Raman Spectroscopy, photon correlation spectroscopy, laser cooling and trapping of atoms, ion trapping, precision atomic tests of parity violation and time-reversal symmetry violation.


    Some Courses Offered by the     Department :
  • PCs for Physical and Chemical Experiments
  • Advanced Mathematical Physics
  • Electro\nonlinear Optical Effects in Crystals
  • Condensed Matter Physics II
  • Advanced Statistical Physics
  • Principles and Techniques of Magnetic Resonance II
  • Project in Experimental Physics
  • High Pressure Physics
  • Crystal Growth and Characterization
  • Semiconductor Physics and Technology
  • Independent advanced Experimental Project
  • Electronics for Physics and Chemists.

    Courses taken outside the     Department:

  • Protein structure
  • folding and design
  • Biophysical chemistry
  • Molecular dynamics and conformation of polypeptides , introduction to computer simulations
  • Non-linear dynamics and chaos

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